Stressed Out? Me Too!

I am going to school to become a teacher of my favorite humans…the smallest ones. This takes a ton of education, patience, and time on my part. Trying to be healthy and actually lose weight is a much harder task as soon as the middle of the semester comes around. In the past, I have been on and off with my weight loss–I master it and as soon as I do…I quit. Why? I’m sleepy, I make excuses just like everyone else, I have homework to think about, and places to be. What I have realized in the past few weeks will hopefully change my pattern I am currently stuck in.

I have realized that yes, all of these are true in my daily life, but exercising and eating well needs to also be in the mix of them. I find myself thinking about homework too much that I can’t even get to the gym because I am so worried. I have also learned that working out helps me forget about everything for even 20 minutes and it’s a stress reliever. These are huge for me, because it will allow me to feel okay including the gym time into my life.


Yeah, my days are busy, but I know exactly where I need to be at all times, so why couldn’t I include an hour for the gym? I don’t know, but I really hope it never happens again.

Tomorrow is a new day, and I am going to make time for the gym in that day.


What I have to do to make this happen:

-Make myself accountable and be able to tell my boyfriend what I accomplished everyday.

-Have clothes with me for the gym.

-Remember it is going to help me.


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