My Addiction: Doritos

Before you read this…make sure there are no Doritos around. The simple act of seeing the name makes me want them. It’s even dangerous for me to write about the little devils in triangular form. I always thought I had horrible self control, and that my mom had the same problem…until I read up on it and found news articles proving that it’s not me…it’s them.


Why are these little orange dusted triangles so unbelievably delicious and addicting?

There is a powerful, savory flavor called umami in these chips. This ingredient creates a taste and flavor that sticks around and also triggers memories.

Read up on this article on to find out what I find is very interesting, and relieving because it isn’t my fault I can’t have just one!

My advice: don’t pick up the bag, don’t go near a bag, bowl or pile of these diet destroyers. They want you to want more.

Fight the urge. 


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